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I have lived in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia all my life. My family life introduced me to many aspects of holistic therapies and remedies. I was exposed to a variety of healing modalities, healthy foods, and alternative philosophies. While managing a Health Food Store, I talk with clients about making healthy life style choices and give nutritional advice. My keenness for helping animals as well as people, has led me to explore alternative modes of healing. I have completed special training in the Bach Flower Remedies taken with a Bach Flower Practitioner and Teacher, which was a goal of mine and will enhance my healing knowledge.

I was introduced to Reiki and witnessed its magical effects on animals and humans. I attained my Reiki Masters degree with my powerful and inspiring teacher, Dianna Klinick. Each Reiki session, given or received, has had profound effects in my life. I was convinced I wanted to share this method with others to help in their search for healing.

At an early age I sensed that animals could “talk”, if we could just listen and understand them. After many uncanny encounters with animals, I wanted to discover communication with them on another level. Georgina Cyr is an amazing Animal Communicator, who became my teacher and mentor in 2004. Thanks to her constant encouragement and guidance, I am able to keep doing what I love most, helping others. My life has been truly blessed with many alternative modes of healing, communicating and being open to the mysteries of life.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication

Animals love to interact with Stephanie and receive Reiki treatments. Her calm and loving nature is most apparent to animals and their perception. Stephanie lives and works in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

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