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Stephanie and Animal Communication

Animals have always been a great passion of mine. Discovering how to communicate with them is the biggest gift I have ever received.

Stephanie's Credentials

Stephanie's Volunteer Services

  1. Volunteer work at the “Beacon Hill Children’s Petting Farm” since 1991. Assisted in numerous births, provided general care and maintenance for all the animals. Appointed as “Youth and Special Needs Duty Coordinator”. Transported animals to senior care facilities and hospitals in the Victoria area.
  2. Volunteer work for the British Columbia SPCA. Activities include dog walking and fund raising.
  3. Youth Activity Coordinator for the “Power of Hope Youth Organization”, 2002 to present. Their mission statement is: "We unleash the positive potential of youth through art-centred, multicultural and intergenerational learning programs that value self-awareness, leadership, community and social change." We provide a variety of workshops to increase awareness of the arts, human perception and nutrition.
  4. Painting murals around the city of Victoria is also part of the activities for youth, Stephanie designs and supervises the projects.
  5. Some examples of murals can be found at 325 Cook Street, Fairfield Cleaners and 810 Head Street in Victoria. Another example is at Lucky Dollar Foods, Chinese Grocery on 148 Superior Street. The mural runs along the right side of the building. Since the next lot has a fence nearby, please take a walk in order to see the full colour version.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication

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