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These are some of the questions people ask me when I tell them I “talk” to animals.

I'm sure that anyone who has ever had an animal companion has felt or sensed that they were trying to tell you something. What are they saying when they tilt their head and look at you with those big soulful eyes, or gently nudge you with a wet nose or paw or suddenly bark or meow incessantly for no apparent reason?

Talking with animals can help you to find the answers to these questions and more, such as: do they like their food, are they happy, when and how do they want to pass on, are they in pain or discomfort?

If you're an animal lover you may be wondering how to effectively communicate with your pets so that you can both trust each other, feel connected and most importantly; understand each others needs and wants fully.

In my conversations with animals I've discovered that it's not about trying to understand what each bark, neigh, chirp or meow means, it's about being still on the inside and listening with my heart and not my ears or my head. Being still within and coming from a place of love and respect are the key principles to keep in mind when communicating with animals or any living being. Another thing to keep in mind is that anyone can do this and no, you don't have to be a psychic.

Have you ever sat on the sofa reading and suddenly wondered if your dog needs to go outside. When you get up you find him sitting at the door waiting for you to let him out. You “sensed” something from your dog or you had a “hunch” that he needed to go outside.

Learning to trust your senses, being open and listening to those hunches are also tools in being able to hear what animals have to say. How to interpret what animals are saying takes practice. You may be the type of person who feels things deeply, or you may be highly visual, or more of an analytical, mental type. Depending which type of person you are may determine how you receive your information.

I personally receive information in a variety of ways through words, feelings, images and sometimes bodily sensations. It is always different with each animal and each species. For me it is much the same and as easy as having a conversation with my best friend. Each communication leaves me in total awe and admiration for how much our animal companions really love us and want to help us on our journey through-out our lives.

Animals are indeed inspiring, loving, teachers, healers and companions so let's all learn how to bridge the communication gap and live in harmony and love together.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication