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How do you ask an animal a question? How do you know if you're receiving back the right answer? The first step is becoming still within and finding your point of stillness so that you can connect with your heart center. The second step is experimenting with finding your intuitive pathways of communication whether that be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. The third step is what I refer to as “talking” with animals. Now you can bring it all together, to practice talking with your animal companions.

The good news is it's actually easier than you may think. When forming a question that I want to send to an animal I simply think the thoughts in my own mind.

For instance, on a recent trip to Costa Rica I had a chance encounter with a sloth and her baby.

As I stood in awe underneath the tree where they hung I wanted to ask the mother if she minded me being there. I sent her the thought mentally, “Do you mind me being here right now or would you feel safer if I left?” I also sent her the image of me standing there calmly looking up at them and from my heart sent feelings of peacefulness and joy. I allowed myself to feel the full extent of this peacefulness and joy as well as holding the image and thought firmly in my mind.

What I received back from her was truly a gift. The first thing I felt was such a powerful wave of acceptance and love that I was moved to tears. She then proceeded to send me this verbal message: “We are here for you, to be with. It is time to be still.” Her baby, who had been scratching itself vigorously up till this moment, suddenly looked down at me and rested its head on the branch. The mother too turned her head and looked down at me. For two or three minutes we gazed at each other sending love back and forth before I had to go back to the lodge for breakfast, feeling blessed and full of love for these peaceful and loving creatures.

You may think that when you are receiving a telepathic communication it is “just your imagination” or it seems to come so fast and subtly that you may dismiss it altogether. That is why it is so important to trust in your first response that you see, feel, hear or sense from your animal without trying to interpret it. Being open and willing to accept what you are receiving from and animal, even it it doesn't make sense to you, is critical in learning how to trust in yourself and what you are receiving.

To believe in what is happening as real (even though it is not always tangible) takes a lot of practice, patience, desire and validation. Eventually, you will learn to distinguish your feelings, thoughts and images, from those of your animal. Trust is one of the key ingredients in animal communication and you will trust yourself more when you begin to realize how natural and easy the process really is. Now all you have to do is try!

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication