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When Dorothy asked me to do a reading for her four year old dachshund; Mikey, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. His issue is that he pees on everything, whether he's at home or elsewhere.

This is obviously a very frustrating yet common issue for a lot of pet owners. Although each situation is unique, I find that there is always an underlying emotional issue at the root of “misbehavior.” Here is what Mikey had to share with us about his “issues.”

I asked Mikey if he could share with us why he was peeing all over everything and the verbal response I received was, “Because I like to.” He then sent me feelings of anxiety, frustration and a sense of fear. He indicated that his feelings of anxiety and fear were due to him wanting more attention and not knowing how to balance the busy energies in his environment. He also indicated that when Mom gets too busy he is afraid he won't get attention and he wants her to stop doing so much and take a breath.

Mikey is Afraid and Confused

He is basically peeing to get her attention and to help her slow down. He is also afraid of being left alone and that she will not come back. Letting him know what you are doing at all times is very important.

Lastly, he is receiving mixed messages about his peeing. Everyone in the family needs to hold the same image of him peeing outside only, and then rewarding him when he does so. This gives him the message that it's good to pee outside.

He indicated that more play time would help him release his frustrations and that telling him he is safe, loved and everything is all right, daily, will help to keep him calm.

Bach Flower Remedies for Pets:

The Bach Flower remedy Crab Apple is most helpful for animals who pee in unwanted places, as well as Mimulus. This will help to ease his anxiety and fears.

Mikey also wanted everyone to know how much he loves them and how grateful he is to be having, “A pretty darn good life!”

Mikey's Follow-up Reading

This is a follow up on a reading done for Dorothy Engst about her dog called Mikey. He was having issues with peeing everywhere and being left alone. Since then a lot of the readers of the True Blue Spirit magazine have been curious to know how he has progressed. Dorothy emailed that he has improved a lot except when they leave the house and forget to tell him what's going on. He only pees occasionally now, however he still has separation anxiety. Here is what transpired in my session with him a short time ago.

I sensed from Mikey that he seemed calmer and more self assured that he was five months before. He indicated that he is still anxious when he is left alone because he isn't sure that someone will come home. I recommended to Dorothy that she show him with mental images where she is going, what she is going to do and when she'll be home. I suggested that once he understands the details he should calm down even more.

I also explained that he needs to be taught that being left alone is all right and for Dorothy to try leaving the house for just a few minutes, then rewarding him if he stays calm. Doing this over and over again will give him the message that being alone is good. Mikey had a rather traumatic early life so we know it will take a bit of patience, reassurance and constant gentle reminders that he is safe and won't be abandoned.

Mikey also told me that he had been worried about the other dog in the household, Peanut, as well as Dorothy's husband. Mikey feels things very deeply and can easily become overwhelmed. I recommended a couple of Bach Flower remedies to Dorothy which will boost Mikey's confidence and help keep him calm. He has certainly come a long way and with patience and love he'll improve even more. Great job, Dorothy and family!

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