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At this time of rapid change we as a species and planetary family are moving forward to our next stage of evolution. In my communications with animals I am constantly being reminded of this and of the subtler energies that affect them, and humans as a whole. Our thoughts, actions, feelings, intentions, environmental well being, planetary and universal energies all have their affects upon our animal companions and Mother Earth.

Animals don't forget who they are as a spiritual being fulfilling their function in the whole as we sometimes do and it is in this innate consciousness and acceptance of their place in the greater scheme of things that they have such fundamental joy, harmony and peace. This is their natural state of being and as such they are always striving to assist us and others in maintaining this state of well being.

We have all heard stories of animals that “just know” when something is about to happen. This is due to the fact that animals sense (see, feel or hear), everything as energies in motion or vibrations that are either compatible with their energies or not. They can be alerted to what is going to happen by sensing the vibrations of the earth. When the great Tsunami struck in 2006, elephants were reported to have fled to higher ground and some actually picked up children in their trunks on the way up. The elephants had put their trunks onto the ground and literally felt the pulse of the earth shifting.

A dog saw “spots of wavy energy” coming up from the earth and when his human came into the house he saw this energy being brought into the home and suddenly attacked him. His owner thought the dog had temporarily gone mad as it had never exhibited such behaviour before. Other animals were reported to have hid or run away, some had seizures or spinal issues, others became ill tempered or trembled and some started obsessively chewing or licking themselves. These are but a few examples that can alert us to when an animal is sensing a shift in energies whether it be on a planetary level or in our own homes.

Animals “know” that with any disaster or shift there comes great change. If we could be aware of how we are “being” when we are with them, this would greatly assist us all in living harmonious and healthy lives together. Are we coming from a place of love or fear? Animals know the difference and we would be wise to listen to the inherent wisdom of these amazing beacons of love and light.

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