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A reader sent in a letter requesting advice for her dog, Finnegan, who has been depressed since she and her partner broke up. The partner snatched Finnigan's Mum away without warning and left him sitting there at the door wondering what had occurred.

When a breakup occurs the affects can often be traumatic not only for we humans but for our pets as well. Finnigan is one of those dogs who has been deeply affected by this experience. The following excerpt from our reader's letter describes what happened.

“Ten minutes later her car screamed to a halt outside....she stormed in and grabbed Clancy (Finnigan's mother) and left. She never spoke. Finn ran towards the glass door as it slammed and sat in front of the door. He sat there looking out and not moving for a long time, long after the car had driven off. Neither of us have seen Clancy since.

For six months after his Mum was taken Finn was depressed and since then he has been a totally different dog. When he was with his Mum he was brave, happy, playful and outgoing, he was also a good eater. Now he doesn't play with other dogs and if they come near him he gets snarky and chases them away. He's very quiet and scared of things now and because he chases away other dogs he's lonely. He is very picky with his food and some days he doesn't eat at all.”

My advice to our reader and to anyone undergoing this type of transition is to tell your pets everything that is going on, just as you would explain it to a small child. Give them as many details as you can and let them know it is not their fault, that they are loved and will be safe. Give them reassurance and stay as calm as possible. Our pets pick up our stress and will try and balance our energies for us thus exhibiting similar symptoms to our own.

Finnigan felt a number of things. Foremost was he didn't understand where his Mum went and why no one told him she was leaving. He also felt responsible because he couldn't do anything to stop her from going and lastly he was picking up on his human's emotional state.

I recommended to our reader to give him the Bach Flower remedy Gorse for his depression and Star of Bethlehem for the shock of having lost his Mum and other guardian. I also told her when it was explained to Finnigan what had occurred and that he was not to blame he would start to heal himself as would she.

When we are able to let go and move forward with grace, our pets are also able to do the same.

A Story About Finnegan, part 2

You may remember reading about Finnigan in an article published in the True Blue Spirit magazine, which is shown above. He had become very depressed after his Mom had been snatched away from him and his owners had separated. I received an email from his owner once they had arrived in the UK. She had asked me to tune in with Finnigan before and during the flight to try and keep him calm as she was very worried how he would handle such a long first time flight. The advice I had given her was to remain as calm as possible herself and to give Finnigan as many details about the trip before hand. I gave her some grounding techniques she could use for herself and Finnigan and I also suggested giving him some Walnut remedy 2 weeks before the flight. Here is her wonderful letter.

Hi Steph,

I don't know how to thank you for what you did for my boy. I was amazed by his bravery and I'm sure you had a hand in that!

I left him in a very huge cargo building in Vancouver around 6:00pm on the day of travel. He was the only dog on the flight and the room was full of crates, fork lifts and one person. As I left he was staring at me through the grid of his crate and it was very hard not to cry. I didn't though because I remembered what you had said about him picking up on my energy. The flight was delayed by four and a half hours so we left Vancouver at 10:30pm.

I had taken Finn's favorite teddy with me into the cabin and we both sent him lots of white light and it helped me too as I am scared of flying. When I went to pick him up at 6:00pm the following day at James cargo quarantine I was both excited and scared. He came out with his tail up and a spring in his step, he looked like he had just been for a walk. I was over the moon to see him and so proud of him.

Since we got home he has had so many adventures. He's been on buses with his day rover ticket. He's been on lots of trains a couple of pubs and a bar. He is adjusting really well and taking every thing in his stride. I hoped he wasn't too scared during the flight and we both arrived safe and well so that's the main thing. I have always thought of him as a scary, nervous dog but not any more.

I have just had my offer accepted for a house in Hebdenbridge it's No 1 Thistle Bottom, so in a few months me and my boy will be going to live in my Yorkshire and he will be a Yorkshire lad.

I hope you are well and thanks once again. We couldn't have done it without you.

Luv Chris and Finn.

I was thrilled to hear how well Finnigan had handled the whole trip and his Mom too. When we make major changes in our lives that affect us and our pets it is very important to stay grounded and to visualise the outcome we want. Include your pets in your planning, talk to them and let them know everything that is going on. They will in turn be less stressed and be able to handle their transitions as famously as Finnigan did.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication