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Tonia's three year old Schnauzer, Bailey, is suffering from anxiety when going on walks and obsessive behaviour of licking his paws feverishly until they became raw. He was put on antibiotics, cortisone and Elavil by the Vet and still not much change had occurred in his behaviour. A trainer also came to give him an assessment and said that he is extremely anxious or there is something amiss in his brain as he can'st or won'st learn anything for treats.

Tonia wrote to me, “It breaks my heart that this wonderful creature appears to be suffering so. We try it all, extra attention, the right food, and so on. We want a long happy life for him. If only he could speak.”

Here are a few of the things Bailey shared with us in my communication with him. I asked him what was causing him to feel anxious and immediately I felt a wave of sadness coming from him along with this message:

“My fur” - I asked him to elaborate and he explained that his bangs were too long and he couldn't see properly and that this was causing him to feel fearful and anxious. I next focused on the sadness and he sent me a verbal statement that this is when his Mama had died (his biological canine Mother).

I also received from him that his emotional body was very stressed and disproportionate to his other bodies. I gave Tonia a few tools for assisting Bailey and herself to ground their energies and to visualize him as being calm and relaxed and not to react to his howling or barking. Bailey is very sensitive to how she is feeling and thus reacts accordingly.

Bailey said that when he licks himself excessively it is his way of releasing his tension and anxiety. For this behaviour I recommended to use the Bach Flower remedy Crab Apple as well as Rock Rose and that he may be going through a bit of a healing crisis as his food had been switched recently to a better quality. Animals as well as people can experience a healing crisis when diets are changed as the toxins are trying to be released too quickly. I suggested to go slowly and to give him a low dose of Milk Thistle as this would assist his liver to detoxify and help with his itchy skin.

Lastly I encouraged Tonia to work with their other dog Candy and to re-teach her the “rules” as Bailey looks to Candy as his mother and does as she does.

With patience, relearning, love and some grounding I believe that Bailey can overcome his anxiety and licking issues and live a long, happy life.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication