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Message about Grady

Communicating with animals that have passed over is always a very profound experience for me. I have often likened the experience to talking to a mini Buddha or an Angelic Being. Deb (Dorothy's good friend), sent in a letter requesting that I communicate with her dog Grady who had recently passed over. I think you'll agree that Grady's messages are indeed enlightened and loving. Here is a brief recount of that letter and the “communication” that followed.

Deb writes: “I will be so thrilled if your writer can communicate with Grady, regardless of what the message is. Please ask her to tell Grady that I will always love her and that I miss her so much. I was so happy to hear from you but sad that Peanut too, has passed. I was so sorry to read that. (Peanut was Dorothy's little dashound). Those little guys can wrap their little arms around your heart and then break it. I always thought I was a cat person, not a dog person, but Grady made short work of that thought! By the time we'd gotten home from your house, the night we adopted her, I was so smitten!”

Reading with Grady

Grady shared with me that she was so happy and blissful to be free of her physical form and to just “Be” in her spirit. The feelings of joy I felt from her could literally fill the room and the whole planet. She knew that she was meant to be with Deb and she was so very grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. She had found her bliss being with Deb and visa versa. She also wanted Deb to know that she came to her in a small dog body on purpose so that Deb would not be overwhelmed.

Her direct messages for Deb were this - “You have an immense capacity to share love and this love doesn't have to stop at a certain someone or a certain being.” Grady then showed me an image of herself picking up a hammer or a mallet and breaking Deb's heart wide open only as a way of trying to portray and put into words what she truly meant. “You need to recognise that you have this ability to love others. It's only a matter of shifting your perspective, perhaps to enable you to believe that. To believe in the power of You and how beautiful a being you truly are. It's only you stopping you from shining forth so that everyone and every being you encounter can experience this love that you have.”

She went on to say - “Do not be afraid to pursue that which makes your heart sing. Write down your desires and those desires that make your heart say Yes! That which brings you the most joy. This is it. Not something that you have to work hard for. The simplest thing: play and let loose, have fun with your life and your Spirit.”

Her final messages were, that she would always be around and that she was very grateful for the love she had received and that she was able to grow spiritually with Deb.

What beautiful messages from the “other side!”

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication