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Tuscan and the Energies

Tuscan, our dog, has been acting quite strangely since we moved into our new 17 year old house. Tonight I took him for a walk and he was nuts, running around and wouldn't stop.

We are about to go away on holidays in 5 days time, and I was wondering if you can please do a tune in with him and ask if he is happy in the new home and does he need anything? Also, that we will not be moving again and that this is his forever home and we will be back in 4 weeks time. We love him very much and we will miss him while we are away.

Reading with Tuscan

In my communication with Tuscan he kept showing me images of swirling energies in or around the home. They looked like mini tornadoes or whirlwinds. I also picked up from him that they were perhaps other animal's spirits. I don't know who lived in the home before you did but there is a connection to the previous owners and these entities. He told me he is not scared, he just doesn't know what to do about them. I told Tuscan not to worry, he didn't need to do anything and that the entities did not mean him any harm, they were just confused.

It would be a great idea to buy a smudge stick and smudge the house before you go away and then again when you come back. Also picture the entities moving forward into the next phase of their journey with love. Sometimes certain entities just need permission to move forward, or to be asked to please leave in a loving way. Smudging, playing music, meditating, loving visualizations, opening all of the windows and doors are some simple techniques to assist energies or entities to shift and move on.

I told Tuscan about your trip and where he would be staying and he seemed fine with everything, he just wanted to know all of the details.

I received an email back from Natasha the next day. I was of course curious to see what she had to share. She wrote that the neighbors just told her that the previous owner of the home had been a butcher. She said that she had felt something was lingering in the home but she couldn't put a finger on it and that it wasn't necessarily negative.

She had wondered if the animal's spirits were the entities she and Tuscan had been feeling and sensing. She had also already bought a smudge stick the day before and just hadn't had the time to use it yet. She was very happy that she was indeed on the right track and could help Tuscan and the entities to move forward with love.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication