Pathways to Communication - Pet Article 3

Articles about Animals and Pets – Pathways to Communication

Some of you may be wondering how exactly do you “talk” to animals. You may know how to meditate or connect with your heart centre or be still within (we focused on this in article #2 called: Discover Stillness Within), so what's next?

What's next is what I call opening the pathways to communication. For us, sharing our thoughts is almost an automatic process as we are programmed to understand a complex set of cues, signals and body language but for animals we need to break this down into smaller more recognizable steps or a universal type of language often called intuition.  We receive and give information in a myriad of ways or pathways and so it is with animals. Understanding the different pathways in which we give and receive information are the keys to “talking” with animals. I will focus on 5 basic pathways and you may discover some of your own along the way.

One pathway is mental communication. You may be a more verbal type of person and therefore your method may involve hearing words or receiving thoughts. Another is an emotional pathway of feeling feelings or energies as noticing when your dog becomes agitated or sad when you are leaving the house. Physical pathways can come in the form of feeling bodily sensations such as smells, tastes and sounds. The last 2 are a little more obscure but powerful none the less and these are receiving images and pictures (visual), and receiving spiritual information.

Natural Pathways

One or more of these pathways may feel more natural to you and it is a matter of experimenting to find which one works best for you. You may now be beginning to realize how important it is to be clear in your thought processes and to be quiet enough inside to be able to receive and give information. It is also helpful to note that animals quite often “think” so to speak in pictures and they use these to represent concepts, emotions or sensations that they want us to understand. This is why intuitive communication is so much fun as you can experiment with these different pathways of communication.

Here is a brief example of a partial communication I had with a horse named Stormy. Her owner Tammy, was concerned about a lameness issue that kept cropping up. Stormy was in pain and she wasn't sure where the problem was coming from and several things had been tried to alleviate the problem.

I asked Stormy if she could tell us why her feet were so sensitive and that we wanted to be able to help her with this issue. She sent me this message in the form of words...“There are energies out of balance here. I feel this in the earth. There is turmoil under the soil here. There are waves of energies and I am trying to balance them out but they are bigger than me.”

I had to ask her for clarification as I was not sure if she meant actual energy under the earth where she was or if she was speaking in a broader sense of the Earth itself. I then received an image from her of different colours of waves, some long and thin and some wider in dimension and these waves were flowing from one end of the property to the other and beyond. I also felt a prickly sensation in my body as she was sending me this image.

She then sent me this message... “There are waves running like water under the soil here and this is partially what's bothering me. I am sensitive to these energies as well as Mom and Dad's. I pick up on everything subtle.”

I next started to feel agitation in my own feet and legs as if I needed to move them all the time so I asked Stormy if this is how she felt it in her body. “I feel it at first this way then I feel pain after awhile.” I asked her if she felt this in any other part of her body and she sent...“In my stomach, I feel like my stomach is all nervy. Then it moves through me into my feet.”

Since animals are highly sensitive to any electromagnetic frequencies this is what I am interpreting from Stormy as a possible contributing factor to her health and feet issues.

If we want to “talk” with animals we must learn how to speak in their language and luckily for us we don't have to learn a whole new language we merely need to recover our basic tongue; intuition and practice developing our pathways of communication. So as you practice you may just discover “talking with animals” is easier than talking with people.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication