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Can you talk to wild animals, some people ask me. My reply is.... Of course I can and so can you! Communication with an animal being wild, domestic, lost or passed over is relatively the same. However there are a few subtle differences connecting with wild animals as they require a great deal of respect and gratitude.

Most wild animals are more than willing to communicate and cooperate, helping us to learn and grow spiritually in our connection to all living things. They will generally come through to you and share with you in different ways, as each individual animal will have a different personality just as we do. Over the years I have been blessed with many encounters with a variety of species and I am always left with tremendous feelings of awe, wonder and gratitude.

A few years ago I took myself on a much needed camping trip to Sidney Island for a week. A growing herd of Fallow deer live on the island and I always look forward to seeing them and connecting with them when I visit. On my first day there I encountered a small herd near the camp site and observed them grazing in the morning sun. I slowly made my way towards them not wanting to scare them off when I spotted an unusually coloured doe in some distant trees.

I was immediately struck by her beauty and yet something felt amiss. I sent her a mental message that I intended her no harm and would stay where I was. I instantly felt feelings of fear and sadness coming from her so strongly I wanted to burst into tears. I gently probed and asked her why she was feeling so sad and fearful. I received images of her and other deer running through the woods and hearing a loud bang. She then sent me the message that her baby had died at the hands of humans. At first I found this hard to believe as there is no hunting on Sidney Island.

Later that night the Warden came by to collect my camping fee and in the ensuing conversation he told me that indeed a First Nations band were allowed to come and cull the deer as they had no natural predators and the herd is growing beyond the Islands capacity. I was shocked not only by this news but by the validation I had just received.

The doe's experience came flooding back and I now knew the full extent of her fear and sadness.  She was grieving the loss of her baby and fearful that she or her kin may be next. Each time I saw her during that week I apologized to her on behalf of us humans and sent her messages of love, forgiveness and gratitude. To my amazement each morning she would appear and stay a little longer in the field and every day that week I would receive gifts of antlers, bones, fur and messages of gratitude from the herd which I previously had never received. On my final day camping I told her I would look for her each time I came to the island to see that she was safe. In the following years I have often been graced to see her in the same spot when I visit the Island.

Each time you encounter a wild animal be grateful for the messages and gifts that you may receive, for every encounter is indeed precious.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication