Are you Coming Home - Pet Article 6

Articles about Animals and Pets – Are You Coming Home

Clients have often asked me for assistance with their pets when they want to go on a vacation or leave town for a few days. Some simply want to know how to tell their pets that they are leaving and others are afraid to go anywhere because of what they may find when they return home.

Have you ever experienced coming home and finding a perfectly new carpet ripped up or peed upon? Or perhaps your sweet cuddly cat now swipes at you and attacks your feet every time you walk past her. Maybe you've returned to find your favourite socks shredded to pieces and strewn all over the bedroom as your usually well mannered dog has found a new favourite habit.

These issues and others can be easily avoided if you simply “talk” to your pets and tell them what your plans are before you go away. Most people don't believe it can be that simple but in actuality it is.

Let Your Pets Know When You Will Return

Sit down with your pet before you go and explain to them exactly when you are leaving and the day you will return. Give them a mental image of yourself coming through the front door excited and happy to see them when you arrive home after your trip.

A strong image of you returning home in their mind, will help them to focus and feel secure that you do intend to come back. Animals often tell me this is their biggest fear, not knowing if or when their owners are returning to them. Also tell them that they will be well looked after and loved while you are away.

Another important thing to remember is to remain calm when you are preparing to leave. Animals sense our nervousness and stress and this can cause them to act up before we even leave.

Animals do understand us when we “talk” with them. Try it the next time you go away. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication