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People are always asking me “How do I get my pet to listen to me and to stop his bad behaviour?” It's very important to send your pet only thoughts and images of what you want and not what you don't want. Your thoughts and mental images must always match your words. Most people give what I call, “mixed messages.”

The subconscious mind doesn't understand “no.” How many times have you told yourself “Don't be afraid!” and all your mind hears is “Be afraid!” But if you tell yourself “Have courage!” your mind will respond accordingly. It's the same for our pets.

What Your Pets Hear

Let's say your cat won't stop scratching the couch. Using words like don't, not, can't etc. and coupling them with other words, creates a negative concept. The word “Don't” could mean, “Stop what you are doing” but coupled with “Don't scratch the couch” becomes a command to do the exact thing you don't want.

Your cat won't register the “don't,” only the “scratch the couch”. To make matters worse you create an image in your mind of what you don't want to happen. So, you give your cat the command “Don't scratch the couch!” and with this negative command you automatically send the picture of him scratching the couch. What he receives is “Scratch the couch!” Since there may be anger in your voice he senses that you really mean it. He then scratches the couch with gusto, all the while wondering why it's so important to you. You then angrily yell “No” and toss him outside. Is it any wonder he's confused?

These two owlets are known as Sunda scops (Otus lempiji). They had just hatched from their eggs a few weeks before this photo was taken. Many of us love to see young birds and animals. You can talk to all creatures!

Being Fair to Your Pets

It's not fair to your pet if you send a mental command of what you don't want and then punish him when he acts on it. Sending an image along with the feeling of what you want strengthens your command. Use your imagination to turn negatives into positive alternatives. “Don't scratch the couch” could become “Scratch only your post.” “Don't bark” becomes “Stay quiet.” Try it you'll be amazed how well they listen.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication