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Giving our pets a job to do or recognizing the role they have chosen for themselves may be one of the most important interactions you can have with them. Most pets know what role or purpose they have in life but occasionally they too get bored, lonely or depressed, especially when you are away.

When you give them a specific task or job in the household, it's as if you are acknowledging their identity. Just as we like to know our position or role in life, so too do our pets. When assigning a job to your pet it is important that it fits with their personality and ambitions in life and that it is what they want to do.

Choose your pet's job based on their best qualities and special gifts. For instance if you have a dog who absolutely loves kids, ask her to take care of them when they are in the backyard playing. You wouldn't want to give this job to a dog who didn't like babysitting or children.

You also would not ask your cat to be the official welcoming committee if he was really shy around people. These would be jobs that neither animal would enjoy or feel successful in fulfilling. If you have more than one pet in the house it's important that each one be given a task, this can avoid sibling rivalry and possible conflicts.

Possible Jobs for Pets

Here are some possible jobs that your pet might embrace:

Do not forget to congratulate your pets daily for completing a job well done. This will help them to feel a real sense of belonging, purpose and pride.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication