Talk to your Pets, Animal Communication techniques

To all of My Valued Clients and your Animal Companions:

Thank you to everyone who has booked a session, inquired about one or would like a session, you have all helped me to grow and flourish in so many ways. In order for me to continue my practice and to assist you all fully and to the best of my abilities, I need to take some time off to focus attention on my human family including some healing for myself. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. I highly recommend Animal-Communicator, Georgina Cyr to assist you with all of your pets needs (she was my teacher).

I look forward to working with you all again in the New Year; Many blessings, Stephanie

Learn to Talk to Your Pets Today!

Join Stephanie for a fun filled lecture of exploration into the world of animal communication. Learn how to communicate with your pet so that you and your loved ones can both live in harmony, love and understanding. Discover your own hidden talents, plus insights about the pets you love. What are your pets really trying to tell you? Together we’ll learn techniques to assist you in dealing with behavioral, health, and general communication issues.

Bring a photo of your beloved pet and together we'll find out what they are really saying to us. You'll be able to experience how easy it is and that anyone can communicate with animals.

Animal Readings with Stephanie

The animal may tell me about what they are doing, how they want to help you heal, or why they are acting the way they do. They may also inform me of past lives, or medical concerns that need to be addressed.

Pets Can Speak if You Can Listen

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication

Learning different healing techniques and communication skills with animals is a great way to keep them calm and healthy. Balancing their chakras (energy centres) is the key to a healthier pet. Understanding that when they are sick, there are ways to make them feel more comfortable in their state of being, and perhaps heal the condition. Communication with your pet will actually tell you about yourself, since they are often trying to help you. When you can really listen, they feel better and so do you. Communication is where good health begins for you and your animal companions.

Animal Communicator and Teacher; Stephanie McColl

Being with animals has always been a great passion for Stephanie. Her strong empathy and compassion continue to work their magic on both people and animals. Now with her Reiki Masters degree, special training in Bach Flower Remedies, extensive volunteer work with animals; she has great insights for animal communication. Stephanie has discovered a real love and passion for teaching good animal communication; passing along her knowledge to ensure you live a life you love with your pets.

Email Stephanie ; or call her at 250-800-0673

Also look for articles written by Stephanie for True Blue Spirit Magazine, the Pursuit of Intuitive Living Magazine. These are great articles on pet care, how to deal with various issues and live a peaceful co–existence with your animal companions.

Stephanie has worked with many animals large or small, they all seem to know she is a kindred spirit. Animal communication has always come easily for her, animals know that she has only their best interests at heart. Did you ever ask yourself what is your pet really wanting to tell you? Why not ask Stephanie to do a reading for you and she can tune into what is going on; give you a full report. Along with her love of teaching you how to tune into your pets, she offers Animal Communication Readings for an in–depth understanding of any behavioural or health issues in your pet's world.

Workshops: Please be sure to bring a photo of your beloved pets or animal companions.

Bring your own water bottle and lunch for the daytime workshops as well. Thank you for making a better world for all our animals, their happiness is important too!

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