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FAQ - Animal Communication

Frequently Asked Questions: How Animal Communication Helps us Understand our Pets.

1) Q: How can an animal communication reading help my companion?

A: Communicating with your companion can assist you in understanding more clearly what the needs are of your pet. Our pets are communicating with us all the time, however at times we may not quite “get” what they are saying. A dog that is afraid to go in a car for instance may have had a traumatic experience while travelling in one. A cat that leaves deposits on your bed when you come home from work may be trying to tell you that it is upset that you are using a different laundry detergent and it doesn't like the smell of. A communication can assist you in dealing with a myriad of issues such as how your pet would prefer to make it's transition, dietary preferences, a new addition to the household, emotional issues, health challenges and more. Animals are always willing to share and assist us in living healthier lives and a reading can open our hearts and deepen our relationships with them even more. All communications that I conduct have only the best interests of the animals in mind.

2) Q: Do I bring my companion to your home or do you come to my home?

A: I conduct my reading sessions in my own home. Sending me photo of your companion (if possible), will allow me to communicate more easily as I am not being influenced by any other energies around me. We are all familiar with the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” By looking at a photo it will allow me to get a clear sense of the animal's personality and its energetic well being. For me it is as if the animal is in the room with me. I also find this method less invasive of the animal's space and living circumstances.

3) Q: Why would I request an animal communication or essence consultation for my animal friend?

A: There are many circumstances in which animals and their humans see positive benefits resulting from an animal communication and/or essence consultation. If your animal is exhibiting a behavior pattern that is troubling to him/her or yourself, a communication can illuminate the root cause that is underlying the problem. Do you have a “fraidy cat or a dog” easily spooked by thunder? Litter box problems or inappropriate elimination? Are you planning on introducing a new family member? Are the animals in your multi-pet household getting along? Is your beloved pet grieving the loss of a human or animal companion? Worried how the kids will get along without you while on holiday? If your animal is ill, is there something you can do to help them to feel more at ease? Animals do get stressed, and they do get emotionally troubled. And...they can certainly pick up on our emotional distress. If you're worried or stressed out, or sad, your companion can easily show signs of stress themselves. How long before I will see positive results?

It depends very much on the animal, the problem, the environment surrounding the animal, and you. I try very hard to get answers to your questions and concerns, and I try equally hard to understand the animal's perspective of the perceived problem. During the animal communication I work on clearing the energy block or blocks relating to the issue. Applying surrogate EFT during the animal communication can give immediate and long lasting results. There are also situations when a flower or gem essence is indicated. Flower and gem essences work on a more subtle basis by gently raising the animal's vibration to a more positive state over a 2-3 week period. Some long standing issues can take longer to remedy. This is because there may be a number of different aspects affecting the animal. The universal healing energy of Reiki gives immediate comfort and relaxation. It does not necessarily cure an illness, but can lesson pain and discomfort. Sick or injured animals will likely benefit from several Reiki treatments.

4) Q: How do I know you are communicating directly with my companion and how do you do this?

A: Before I begin each communication I always ask the animal permission to communicate and then I introduce myself. Next I send out a beam of love from my heart to the animal's heart. I call this a “heart to heart connection.”I know I have connected with the animal once I receive a feeling of love coming back to me and a visual image of the animal in question. I see and feel their presence in the room with me and because I am connecting with their spirit a communication can be done anytime and anywhere. I use the universal language of love (or some may call this telepathy), by sending images and words to the animal. It is very much like having a conversation with any one except with mental images being exchanged as well as words and feelings. At times an animal may not want to communicate due to illness, sleeping, playing or they may find my energies are not compatible with theirs. In this case I do not force an animal to do anything it does not want to do; I simply thank the animal and recommend another Communicator to you whom the animal may be more open to communicating with.

5) Q: Can you communicate with animals that are no longer physically here?

A: Yes, definitely! Communicating with animals that have passed over is essentially the same as communicating with those who are still here as it is the spirit of the animal that I am connecting with. Ones' spirit never dies. “Our bodies are simply vehicles for our spirits to do their work in.” This is what the animals tell me all the time. I find communicating with those who have passed to be even more profound and fulfilling at times as there is a clearer “spirit to spirit” connection. There is no physical body or physical concerns to deal with so the messages seem to be easier to send and receive in most cases. Animals want us to know that they are still around us when they have passed, just in another form. This is why you may “feel” them around you or sense something is there in the room with you days, weeks and even years after they have passed over. I always find it an honour and a privilege to communicate with any living or nonliving being and I am ever grateful for being given the opportunity to do so.

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication

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