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Testimonial – Our dog, Bernie

When our beloved Bernese Mountain dog suddenly passed away at the age of 7, we naturally had a lot of grief and unanswered questions. Stephanie's reading of Bernie from the other side was gentle, loving and extremely insightful. She picked up on things only we, his owners, could have known. Stephanie helped us to understand his reasons for being here, his untimely death, and his parting thoughts for our family. We thank you, Stephanie, from the bottom of our hearts.

Karen, Neil and Tristan.

Testimonial for Stephanie

Tina Marie Barnes has endorsed your work as an Animal Communicator with horses:

Stephanie provided essential information which assisted our Highfield Farm Medicine Horses in achieving their desires and remaining happy in their chosen work.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Toastie the Horse, Reading by Stephanie

Stephanie's readings from my partner have a purity about them that I feel comes from her ability to tap into spiritual and emotional messages. I appreciate the way that Stephanie handled our situation, which was a sensitive one for me, with honesty and great compassion. She was also very clear about separating his direct messages from other information.

The transcription method that Stephanie uses captured many details and allowed me to read over the session whenever I liked and to find new information in it. Her follow up method is particularly useful for catching things you may not have thought to ask at first and clarifying things. Stephanie's work is a great value and her caring comes through, so it is always a pleasure to deal with her. I'm grateful to Stephanie for helping me understand his thoughts and his desires.

Deborah Imershein

Testimonial for Stephanie

Stephanie's ability to communicate with animals is truly wonderful. I have used her services four times in the past year. I had two readings for my beloved cat who disappeared unexpectedly and two readings for my older dog: once when he was ailing and another after he had passed away.

Stephanie's great love for animals allows her to go straight to the heart and soul of our pets as if they were her own. You will never be able to think of your dear pet as ‘just your sweet pet’ again after a reading from Stephanie. She brings to us their love, their great wisdom and their teachings to us. She uncovers details that could only be known to you and your pet. You will receive answers to your own questions as well as receive what your pet wishes to communicate to you. Be prepared to open up emotionally when you read the letter Stephanie has transcribed from your pet.

Gwen Curry


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