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Testimonial – Reading for Lacey

Stephanie did a reading for me a few weeks ago. I had lost one of my shelties last year and was hoping to somehow find out how she was doing since passing over. She passed away from complications of cancer and I could not put her through another surgery so decided to let her go.

I gave Stephanie a picture of 5 shelties as this was the most recent including my Lacey. I was astonished to find out that Stephanie was able to communicate so effectively with Lacey. Only I knew what she was like, I thought! It was truly amazing especially as Stephanie was also able to communicate with 2 other shelties at the same time. One was Lacey's son who also passed away earlier this year.

This reading has brought me so much comfort knowing that my dogs will always be with me. Stephanie, thank you so much for this reading and for being such a special person.

Regards Cherry

Reading for Kali the calico cat, with Stephanie's unique insight for animals.

Testimonial For Animal Communicator – Stephanie McColl

During the autumn of 2004 I asked Stephanie to provide me with some insights about my cat whose name is Kali. Stephanie was able to pinpoint specific food and nutritional needs, food chemicals, and toxicity. She made me aware of the emotional implications behind some of Kali's health conditions and behavior. When I addressed these concerns it truly helped Kali.

Stephanie has multiple gifts as a telepath when it comes to animals. She is often able to see what the animal is showing her in the physical environment of the home. This helps her to understand what may be bothering the animal or harming them in their living space.

I think Stephanie's greatest gift is her ability to tune in emotionally and spiritually to any animal living or disincarnated. I find her approach is gentle, full of respect and reassurance. The animals respond well to the feelings safety generated and want to have a dialogue with her. She learns a great deal about their view of the world they live in, the relationships they care about, what health concerns they have and what purpose the animal feels they have in this life. I am always amazed at Stephanie's ability to connect with an animal without being in their company and just how accurate this communication is.

Joanne Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator – Victoria, BC.

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