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To all of My Valued Clients and your Animal Companions:

Thank you to everyone who has booked a session, inquired about one or would like a session, you have all helped me to grow and flourish in so many ways. In order for me to continue my practice and to assist you all fully and to the best of my abilities, I need to take some time off to focus attention on my human family including some healing for myself. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. I highly recommend Animal-Communicator, Georgina Cyr to assist you with all of your pets needs (she was my teacher).

I look forward to working with you all again in the New Year; Many blessings, Stephanie

Animal Communication

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: 2126 Curteis Road, North Saanich

Please join Stephanie McColl, Animal Communicator in this fun filled and easy workshop designed to open your hearts and abilities to connect with all species great and small.

We will explore ways in which we all communicate naturally and easily with one another and how to “talk” to your pets and all species more effectively and openly. Techniques and exercises will be offered so that each individual will understand their prominent communication styles to better understand their pets needs and wants.

All materials are provided as well as snacks; all you need to bring is a photo of a beloved pet or animal and an open mind and heart.

Parking on street and 2-3 spots available in the driveway. Carpooling is always encouraged.

Contact Stephanie for more information; call – 250-800-0673

The Way of the Medicine Horse

From Tina Barnes –“Steph is my 'go to' person when I am seeking confirmation regarding potential Medicine Horses. She has been called upon several times in the last few years to validate and expand upon information I have received regarding the horses here at Thirteen Moons Farm as well as horses belonging to others. Stephanie has an amazing gift in her ability to bring out the communicator in others.”

Note: These classes would also benefit anyone working with non-verbal children and adults. Tina Barnes ~ The Way of the Medicine Horse. (also check out Thirteen Moons Farm.)

Cristal and Equine Bowen Therapy

Medicine Horses are constantly bringing themselves into perfect balance energetically. All Medicine Horses are able to assist any number of people within their energy field.

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Alexa Linton, Balance Works Wellness

Alexa's repertoire of modalities and skills to promote balance and well-being is constantly expanding, thanks to her passion for learning and her ever open mind.

Quote from her website: “In a day and age where our animals have become valued family members, loved for their unique personalities, loyalty and dedication, we seek strategies to keep them healthy and happy for the long-term. Wouldn't it be great to have some simple and effective tools capable of improving circulation, enhancing digestion, reducing pain and inflammation and dramatically improving mood and well–being all in just 10 minutes a day?”

Body Talk / Animal Talk Practitioner and Animal Talk Access Instructor, Alexa Linton: Balance Works Wellness

Tina Barnes, Equine Therapist

Tina Barnes, Equine Therapist often co–facilitates with Stephanie for workshops. “The enormous loving heart of the horses envelope you, embrace you and entrain you back to the rhythm of Mother Earth's heart beat.” Medicine Horses have been among us forever. Tina teaches a truly natural form of horse-man-ship through the healing energy and language of the horse.

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Equine Communication Specialist, Tina Barnes: The Way of the Medicine Horse

Animal Communicator: Email Stephanie McColl; or call 250-800-0673

We offer evening lectures, as well as full day or weekend workshops.

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Reminder: Please be sure to bring a photo of your beloved pets or animal companions.

Bring your own water bottle and lunch for the daytime workshops as well. Thank you for making a better world for all our animals, their happiness is important too!

Written by Stephanie: Articles on Animal Communication

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